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Randy Goettlicher is one of the original four Master Instructors certified by the Billiard Congress of America.   (Randy, Jerry Briesath, Leslie Rogers, and Richard Rohr)


This Instructor group is now known as the P.B.I.A. (Professional Billiard Instructors Association)  Randyg is still one of the most tireless promoters in our sport of pool.


The Southwest Eightball League, which was started by Randy in 1983, was always one of the largest BCA Sanctioned leagues in the world.  SWEL dominated for 25 years.  He was also a VNEA League Operator for many years and was Texas’ first APA League Operator.


Randy served a three year term on the BCA Board of Directors. During that time he was the chairperson of the League & Program Committee working directly with John Lewis.  During Randy’s tenure the BCA Leagues system grew from 20,000 to 50,000 members.


Randy also served on the BCA Rules Committee over a span of 30 years.  He served with many of our sport’s leaders, Willie Mosconi, Jimmy Caras, Jerry Briesath, Belinda Beardon to name a few.


In addition to teaching at Cue-Tech and running a great league system in the South West, Randy was one of the three founders of the Texas Express Promotions Group.   Along with John McChesney and Robin Adair the Texas Express Rules were born and the first National 9-Ball Tour was under way.  Randy traveled the country for 10 years running as many as 25 tournaments per year.


Along with his wife Karen, Randy developed the Scotch-Doubles team play format that is now popular world-wide.  Randy & Karen were actually the first SD Tournament Directors for the unveiling at the BCA Nationals.


A founding member of the Cue-Tech Pool School Team  (1982-2009).  Cue-Tech's marketing and business operations became industry standards under Randy's care.   Randy formed the Master’s Pool School in 2009 to present.


To this date Randy’s Master’s Pool School still annually graduates 100’s of students and Certified Instructors.  Randy remains a Leader in the PBIA Instructor Program which he helped found.   Randy is now working with China to develop teaching and league strategies.

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