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WARNING: “There is no aiming system ever developed that will work well with a faulty stroke!” 

  • Most all of the “greats” already have a “Go-To” ball pocketing system.  

  • They have it deep rooted into their sub-conscious. 

  • They don’t think aiming; they just play.  

  • If you have that type of system, AUTO-AIM probably isn’t for you. 

  • BUT- on the other hand … here’s something you might like.

AUTO-AIM is named for several reasons.

  1. Mentally,  it quickly becomes automatic. 

  2. Learn it - Forget It - Do it!

  3. Physically it eliminates any guess work on where to aim. 

  4. No more degrees, angles, contact points, or ghost balls to figure out.


The normal AUTO-AIM class has been about two hours.

  • The 1st half of class is Installation

  • The 2nd half of class is Table-Adaption

  • Yes, there is paperwork to take home.



 $300 General Tuition (I am not responsible for a poor stroke)

$100 discount for SPF Student (bring your MANTRA)


After your class, you should give yourself about two weeks of training/testing before any old information is gone from your Brain.  Then off you go, put your aim on cruise control!

AUTO-AIM can become a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

Only OPEN MINDS need to sign in.  Bring your playing cue.

I have never seen anything like this system … EVER … in my 55 plus years of teaching!        


This is BALL POCKETING on steroids!

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